Martin Aragoneses

Research Assistant, NBER

Originally from
Currently living in
Cambridge, MA
United States

I am an economist working as a Research Assistant at the National Bureau of Economic Research with Amy Finkelstein (MIT). My research focuses on understanding the inner working of the digital economy, and its implications for macroecoeconomics (both growth and business cycles) and its potential for development economics. I am part of a Berkeley-born non-profit, Thought Lounge, that is working on the design and implementation of a development program, Angola IDEIAS, that uses online social networks to spur youth employment and business creation in Africa. I am also a partner of Metaeconomics, a consulting firm that makes use of quantitative evidence from data-driven models to advice policymakers in developing countries.


"A month after I started working for Prof. Finkelstein, she sent me to the field to get a better understanding of the interventions we are studying. It was the first time of being on the field for any research project and seeing the people we were helping out with our program and hearing their testimonials was really touching. It reassured me why I want to do empirical research for a living!"

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