Top Firms Recruit Students at Consulting Day Event

The BSE held its first “Consulting Day” on March 6th, 2009, bringing representatives from top consulting firms to recruit GSE students.

Frontier Economics, LECG, NEO Metrics, NERA Economic Consulting, and Oxera all sent representatives to meet potential candidates for consultant and analyst positions. Traveling for the day from other parts of Europe specifically to recruit GSE students, three of the five representatives were themselves alumni of the BSE master programs.

BSE students are actively sought after by consultancies seeking bright and passionate economic thinkers with a strong background in theory and the tools for practice. Andrea Commisso, a Research Analyst at LECG who himself graduated from the GSE (MSc Competition and Market Regulation, 2008), stressed that BSE students “are highly desirable in the job market.”

Having traveled from the London office for the day to meet potential candidates for positions as LECG, he recognizes the valuable profile that GSE students possess. “Firms see that the students not only have an excellent academic background and deep understanding of the issues, but also possess the tools to put their knowledge to immediate use to benefit the company that hires them.”

Graduates of the BSE are prepared for a wide range of careers in national and international organizations in government, international institutions, business and finance. Many students choose to continue their studies in the reference doctoral programs of the GSE or at other leading institutions.

BSE students are characterized by their outstanding academic backgrounds and their commitment to excel in graduate studies. The Class of 2008-2009 is 83% international, with an enriching mixture of cultural perspectives and a multitude of experiences that offers a learning experience unto itself.

Xavier Mas, alumnus of the MSc in Economics, gives a presentation on behalf of Frontier Economics, a top consulting firm. to recruit interested students 


Frontier Economics, a leading consultancy with offices throughout Europe and Australia, blends economics with innovative thinking, hard analysis and common sense to help clients to make better decisions and put their best case.
LECG, a global expert services company with 800 experts and professionals in 33 offices around the world, provides independent expert testimony, original authoritative studies, and strategic advisory and financial advisory services to clients including Fortune Global 500 corporations, major law firms, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies worldwide.
Neo Metrics is an innovative consulting firm leader in Analytic Intelligence, combining scientific excellence with business-specific knowledge, to maximize the value of the client’s information and make the best decisions. They have offices in Spain, Chile, and Mexico.
NERA Economic Consulting provides expert economic analysis, testimony, advice, and policy recommendations to corporations, governments, law firms, regulatory agencies, trade associations, and international agencies, operating across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
Oxera Consulting, based in the UK and Belgium, is one of Europe’s foremost independent economics consultancies, with a reputation for providing critical economic insight to an international list of clients.


GSE students network with the recruiters during a break halfway through the event

BSE students, including alumnus Andrea Commisso, who was there to meet students on behalf of LECG


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