Four new Affiliated Professors join the BSE research community

portraits of new BSE Affiliated Professors

On October 15, 2020, the Barcelona School of Economics held the annual "Trobada" for Affiliated Professors, post-docs, and PhD students in the BSE research community. 

The "Trobada" (or gathering) is an opportunity for new and returning BSE Affiliated Professors, post-docs, and PhD students to meet each other at the beginning of the academic year. This year's Trobada had to be held online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Despite the change in format, nearly 70 members of the BSE community attended the event.

Trobada Program 2020

At the conclusion of the internal Trobada program, the event was opened to Master's students and the public for a roundtable on "The Impact of COVID-19." The roundtable was moderated by BSE Research Professor Jan Eeckhout (ICREA-UPF and BSE), and the panelists shared perspectives based on their research in four areas:

The virtual roundtable and Trobada marked the official opening of the BSE academic year and showed once again that the community is adapting to new ways of engaging in academic debate from a safe distance, while maintaining the highest standards of research quality.

A full summary of the roundtable discussion will be posted soon.

156 BSE Affiliated Professors from 33 countries

Affiliated Professors are tenured or tenure-track faculty members from the BSE academic units. They form the core of all BSE educational and research activities. They direct and teach in the BSE Master's programs; design and teach in BSE summer schools and professional courses; organize research events such as the BSE Summer Forum workshops; and serve in leadership roles that shape the evolution of the BSE at an institutional level.

As a result of the combined research efforts of this community of more than 150 Affiliated Professors, the BSE is consistently ranked in the top 5 Economics departments in Europe and the top 15 in the world (RePEc).

New BSE Affiliated Professors 2020-21

Rodrigo Carril (UPF and BSE)
PhD, Stanford University
Research Interests: Public Economics, Industrial Organization
Nan Jiang (UPF and BSE)
PhD, University of Amsterdam
Research Interests: Empirical Managerial Accounting
Minyoung Rho (MOVE, UAB and BSE)
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics, Mechanism Design
Cesare Righi (UPF and BSE)
PhD, Boston University, Questrom School of Business
Research Interests: Economics and management of innovation and technology

New post-docs in the BSE research community

Francesco D'Ascanio (UPF and BSE) PhD, Universität Tübingen
Jack Jewson (UPF and BSE) PhD, Oxford-Warwick Statistics Programme (OxWaSP)
Tomás Rodriguez Martinez (UPF and BSE) PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jessica Rodriguez Pereira (UPF and BSE) PhD, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Bruno Soares Vieira (UPF and BSE) PhD, University of Twente
Tetyana Surovtseva (UPF and BSE) PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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