Firms in the Global Economy

The BSE Summer Forum Workshop on Firms in the Global Economy will take place in Barcelona from June 6-7, 2023.

This workshop will bring together applied economists working in the fields of global linkages, international economics, productivity growth and firms dynamics to discuss the most recent academic research. We are particularly (even though not exclusively) interested in contributions that analyze these topics from a global perspective.

Topics of interest could include:

  • FIRMS IN THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY: Financial linkages, FDI, trade, offshoring, firm-to-firm linkages, ownership structures, governance.
  • FIRMS AND THE MACROECONOMY: Business cycles, structural transformation, networks, granular economy, reallocation.
  • TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION) Technology decisions as a function of competition and policy incentives.
  • (WORKFORCE SKILLS, POLICY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Interplay between workforce skills, policy regulation, and entrepreneurship.
  • FINANCE AND FIRM DYNAMICS: Financial factors, investment and employment decisions, and firm dynamics.


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