Children's Health, Well-being, and Human Capital Formation

The BSE Summer Forum Workshop on Children's Health, Well-being, and Human Capital Formation will take place in Barcelona from June 20-21, 2024.

The workshop will cover research broadly related to the determinants of child well-being and human capital development, including health as well as cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Examples may include: the effect of economic conditions on infant and child health, the impact of taxes and benefits on child well-being, cognitive and non-cognitive development, the role of pre-primary and primary school on early human capital development, as well as the influences of other factors such as pre-natal conditions, medical care quality, environmental factors, etc. We will also address issues related to the medium- and long-term consequences of poor health or different shocks or interventions during childhood.

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Speakers appear in the order in which they presented during the workshop.

2022 Edition
2020 Edition

This edition took place in the framework of the BSE Research Webinars.

  • David Gill (Purdue University)
    “Cognitive skills, strategic sophistication, and life outcomes” (with Eduardo Fe and Victoria Prowse)
  • Diego Daruich (University of Southern California - Marshall)
    “The Macroeconomic Consequences of Early Childhood Development Policies”
  • Herdis Steingrimsdottir (Copenhagen Business School)
    “The Long-Term Impact of Children’s Disabilities on Families” (with Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson)
  • Sofia Trommlerová (UPF and BSE)
    “Prenatal Transfers and Infant Health: Evidence from Spain” (with Libertad González) 
    Tiago Bonomo (University of British Columbia)
    “Cash and Care: Conditional Cash Transfers and Birth Outcomes” (with Cecilia Machado)
  • Helena Bolt (UCL & IFS)
    “Intergenerational Altruism and Transfers of Time and Money: A Lifecycle Perspective (with Uta Bolt, Eric French, Jamie Hentall Maccuish, Cormac O’Dea)
  • Gabriella Conti (University College London)
    “The Biology of Child Development: DNA Experimental Evidence from Colombia” (with Pamela Jervis, Costas Meghir and Orazio Attanasio)
  • Brenden Timpe (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
    “The Long-Run Effects of America’s First Paid Maternity Leave Policy
  • Joanna Kopinska (CEIS, University of Rome Tor Vergata)
    “Maternal Stress and Offspring Lifelong Labor Market Outcomes”
  • Kristiina Huttunen (Aalto University and VATT Institute for Economic Research)
    “Maternal Age and Child Outcomes” (with Peter Fredriksson and Björn Öckert)
    Margarita Machelett (Banco de España)
    “The Causal Impact of Removing Children from Abusive and Neglectful Homes” (with Anthony Bald, Eric Chyn and Justine Hastings) 
  • Malte Sandner (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
    “Preventing Child Maltreatment: Beneficial Side Effects of Public Childcare Provision” (with Stephan Thomsen)
    Tadeja Gracner (RAND Corporation)
    “The Sweet Life: The Long-Term Effects of a Sugar-Rich Early Childhood“ (with Paul Gertler) 
    Maya Rossin-Stlater (Stanford University)
    “Causes and Consequences of Early Childhood Infectious Disease”
  • Nina Guyon (National University of Singapore)
    “New Peers from The Ghetto: Trickle-Down Effects of Public Housing Demolitions on Receiving Schools“ 
  • Camille Terrier (University of Lausanne)
    “Banning the Boston Mechanism in Britain: Effects on School Segregation and Student Achievement” (with Parag Pathak)
  • Simon ter Meulen (University of Amsterdam)
    “Long-Term Effects of Relative Age in School“ (with Hessel Oosterbeek and Bas van der Klaauw)
  • Alessandro Toppeta (UCL)
    “Intergenerational Mobility in Socio-emotional Skills” (with Orazio Attanasio and Aureo De Paula
  • Giuseppe Sorrenti (Amsterdam School of Economics)
    “The Causal Impact of Socio-Emotional Skills Training on Educational Success” (with Manuel Eisner, Denis Ribeaud and Ulf Zoelitz)
  • Annalisa Loviglio (University of Bologna)
    “Schools and Their Multiple Ways to Impact Students: a Structural Model of Skill Accumulation and Educational Choices“ 
  • Ignacio Monzón (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
    “Parental Love Is Not Blind: Identifying Selection into Early School Start” (with Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll and Nadia Campaniello
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