Professional Courses

Why train with BSE?

The BSE professional courses provide continuing education in Economics, Finance, Data Science, and related fields.

Participants are leading-edge professionals and researchers who want to sharpen their skills, get exposure to prevailing theoretical and empirical topics, and network with colleagues and instructors. 

With an average class size of 33 participants, these courses offer the opportunity to meet and be instructed by top academic faculty and presenters from the public and business worlds. 

  • Short, intensive courses
  • Experienced, expert instructors
  • Colleagues from 35+ countries
  • Dozens of companies send employees year after year

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In-company training

BSE professional courses can be tailored for in-company training. Here are some of the available topics:

Competition Economics

Competition Economics courses cover intense discussions on classical theory applied to the real world, current industry practices, recent case studies, and modern market instruments. Course topics have included:

Data Science

Courses provide the basic tools to get started with Data Science, from data exploration to building predictive models and extracting insights. More advanced or specific training available on request.



Looking for training on a specific topic?

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