Assessing Technology-based Spin-offs from University Support Units


This paper takes a regional studies approach to assess the efficiency of technology-based spin-offs that benefited from financial and infrastructure aid. It does so by following the objectives of institutions for regional support and provides evidence on spin-offs created within the special case of a technology transfer network placed at Catalan universities. We contribute to the literature in at least two ways. First, we detect and conceptualise the specific regional objectives and the associated inputs and outputs needed to assess firms created at university-based support units. Second, an application provides empirical insights into regional mechanisms for firm creation. Results indicate that many efficient spin-offs have formal technology transfer agreements and emerge from universities with more technological background. Second stage analyses show that higher levels of innovation and specific academic knowledge or experience related with the university of origin are associated with higher efficiency.Concluding remarks focus on regional policy making and future research directions.

Published as: Assessing Technology-Based Spin-Offs From University Support Units in Regional Studies , Vol. 50, No. 3, 411-428, January, 2016