Thomas Vicente

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from France
Currently living in

Before joining the master, I graduated with an MSc from the Toulouse School of Economics. I also had a professional experience at the European Commission, and At Compass Lexecon Paris. After the master at GSE, I went to London to work as a reinforcement learning engineer. Now, I am glad to be back in Barcelona and work as a machine learning engineer.

At my current job at Vintra Inc., I conceive and implement efficient neural network architectures to tackle various computer vision problems. We're quite innovative, notably because we make automated video analysis work in real time.


The Data Science program was a great occasion to meet people who are also passionate about finding the proper answer to complex problems. I am still often in touch with some of them. I believe the one year program gave us strong theoretical foundations, and allowed us to be autonomous in research or engineering environments. In particular, I was involved in many hands-on projects and research problems such as my master thesis. These works played a big role for many job interviews after the master.