Guglielmo Pelino

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Italy
Currently living in Italy

Before joining the master I completed a Bachelor and Master in Mathematics. My curriculum was focusing on Probability and Mathematical Physics. After the Master's in Data Science at the BSE I was accepted to a PhD program in Computational Mathematics at the University of Padova, working on mean field games and interacting particle systems. I will be finishing the PhD in September 2019.


The challenges I have been exposed to during the Master have been some of the most exciting and demanding of my life. From the personal point of view, it was my first time living alone and abroad, and I acknowledge that year as a big step towards adulthood and behavioral maturity. The Barcelona days have helped me in understanding more about myself, my ambitions and future plans.

Academically, I am very happy to have chosen this course, because I am convinced that it completed my formation in a quite unique way. I really enjoy studying per se, so I value the Master even at a purely cultural level. On a professional point of view, I feel that I still did not exploit fully the potential knowledge and expertise gained at the BSE, due to the fact that with my PhD studies I came a bit back towards theoretical Math. At the same time though, I used some theoretical knowledge acquired at BSE both in my research and for teaching purposes: I have been a TA for a course in Stochastic Methods for Data Science, an MSc level course in the Department of Mathematics in Padova, where Prof. Omiros’ teachings provided to be extremely useful, and in my research I used some results learnt in Prof. Gabor’s amazing ML classes… Some concentration inequalities taught by him came actually in my dreams and allowed me to solve a problem which got me stuck for weeks!