Anestis Papanikolaou

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from
Currently living in
United Kingdom

Before the the BSE Data Science Master I was working for 5 years as a Research Associate in the Hellenic Institute of Transport at Thessaloniki, Greece, on typical transport related research and consultancy projects. After the master I received a scholarship to join the research team of the University of Leeds, followed by a 2-year contract at University College London and a Principal Transport Modeller position at Jacobs Engineering in London, where I currently serve as Data Science Lead. I am very certain that without the master, I would have never had the opportunities to join the organizations and work on the projects I have during the last 5 years.


The BSE Data Science Master's Program provided me the opportunity to get in touch and interact with some of the most distinguished data science researchers and practitioners in the world, gave me the knowledge, confidence and trust I needed on a scientific level and overall provided me a unique academic and educational experience, constituting a milestone in my life and career path. Professionally, it opened up numerous opportunities to get involved in some of the first initiatives on big data in transport (which is my my domain expertise), both in academia (at a post-doctoral level at University of Leeds and University College London) and in industry (mobility and data analytics team of Jacobs Engineering).

Another important thing to note is that although there are nowadays plenty of data science programs and online courses for someone to get a training on the field, I found BSE's approach to Data Science unique, namely the combination of robust statistical/ML theory, optimization and economics, with additional lectures on how to apply Data Science in practice. The basics of ML/Stats are essential but the optimization and economics behind data science is what really distinguishes the BSE Data Science master, offering a profound background on how to develop the models, but also how to use them to take the most meaningful decisions in the optimal way depending on the context, and for this reason, BSE master is a category on its own.

Last but not least, the material I was taught and got from the master, provided me high quality coding and theoretical resources which were very useful to me in various future occasions in my career after the master. Not to mention the friendships, networking and the wider BSE community which until now constitutes a reference point for all of us.