Aron Pap

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Hungary
Currently living in Hungary

I studied Applied Economics (BA) at the Corvinus University of Budapest before joining the Data Science Master’s Program at BSE. I had also done internships in financial technology, management consulting and advanced analytics before the Master’s and since I had always been most interested in the quantitative aspects of my work and studies, the choice of studying Data Science came naturally. During the program I started working on an Industrial Practicum project with The Alan Turing Institute and currently I am still working there on the extension of the project.


For me, the Data Science Master’s Program provided excellent foundations in statistical inference, mathematical learning theory and computation. The subjects are well-aligned and efficiently build on each other, and the discussed topics are really inspiring. They continuously motivate me to explore a wide range of research directions and applications within data science and machine learning. Fortunately, the program also gave me the fundamental knowledge to be able to grasp new developments in the field.
The program also fostered my practical problem-solving skills, since we faced several demanding programming and data processing/management challenges, through which I developed a solid framework to structure and tackle such problems in the future. I’m now aware of certain numerical and optimization-related problems which I have not thought of before. Now, these considerations become an important step in my quantitative analysis procedures.
Most importantly, the program facilitated intense teamwork which truly acted as a “catalyst” for learning. I gained important knowledge through interacting with my classmates, who came from a wide range of academic backgrounds. They motivated me throughout the program and collaborating with them made the whole year a lot of fun as well. The value working together with my classmates became increasingly clear after the program had to switch to online learning in our year (due to the pandemic). I really wish the program would be longer, since I already miss the intellectual environment that the Master’s Program provides!