Max Mueller

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Germany
Currently living in Germany

Before joining the Master's in Data Science, I was studying Physics at LMU Munich. Now, after completing the Data Science Program, I am continuing my Physics Master's at LMU Munich and writing my Master's thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics. In my thesis, I try to assess uncertainty in Machine Learning based fluid simulations with the help of Bayesian Neural Nets.

At the same time, I'm employed at Bocconi University as a research assistant in order to continue the work I started in my BSE Master's project.


With a background in Physics, I chose this Master's mostly because I wanted to understand what is going on behind the Machine Learning and Data Science tools that are a big part of everyday life for many scientists. After only a few weeks I was already sure of having chosen the right place since the program not only teaches the foundations I was searching for, but also trains hands-on, a combination I was surprised to find so well-balanced. The lecturers, some of whom are at the very forefront of research and incredibly passionate about their field, motivated me to really dive deep into the material of the classes.

At the same time, both the very diverse backgrounds of the cohort and some of the more applied courses allowed me to gain business knowledge that I would not have gotten otherwise so quickly. I now feel a lot closer to the non-academic world than I did a year ago, and a transition into industry would certainly be smoother than before. Finally, during this challenging, but even more rewarding year I could not only enjoy Barcelona and its amazing surroundings, but also make friends, build a network and feel home in the city and in particular in the community of the Data Science class.