Sönke Matthewes

Originally from

My background

Bachelor in Economics and Political Science,
Amsterdam University College

Why I chose BSE

"My choice of the BSE was preceded by a long-drawn search for an economic policy oriented master programme that employs a rigorous formal approach to economics. The EPP programme offered exactly this and thus presented the ideal choice. I am attracted by the fact that the courses cover advanced econometric methods, equipping us with the necessary quantitative tools to understand and conduct economic research. At the same time, specialised courses on policy evaluation provide the desired focus on real-word application that I was looking for. The excellent research reputation of the BSE and its faculty only added to my motivation to apply."

My career plans

"It is my ambition to become an expert in policy-applied microeconomic theory. To this end, I am currently applying to PhD programme, as well as internships with governmental institutions in Europe."