Laurits Marschall

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Germany
Currently living in Germany

Before joining the Data Science Master's at BSE, I studied Economics as my bachelor in Mannheim, Germany. After graduating from the Master's I have worked for the European Central Bank in the area of Banking Supervision. However, I am only involved in quantitative and technical projects.


When reflecting upon my time in Barcelona I mainly see my personal development. It was a very intense year packed with new experiences and knowledge. The great personal benefit came from conquering and prioritizing the sheer amount of knowledge, understanding that one cannot succeed in everything and accepting failure quickly to move forward. To me it was so valuable academically and personally because it was so hard. And I still had an amazing time in Barcelona because I ultimately set limits to my working hours which makes me confident for the future.

The master taught me first and foremost how to conquer knowledge myself and a way-of-thinking. The field of Machine Learning is extremely dynamic, therefore, the skill to teach yourself is much more valuable that actual knowledge. In the end, working under constant pressure without losing enthusiasm, still enjoying life, and building up amazing friendships was the mixture for a fantastic year.