Robert Lange

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Germany
Currently living in Germany

During my undergraduate studies in Economics I discovered my fascination for reasoning and learning in high-dimensional spaces. I decided to fully transition into computational statistics with the help of the BSE Data Science Master's and a follow-up Computer Science Master's at Imperial College London. Now I am a Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Researcher at Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin where I am currently working on making Machine Learning neurobiologically plausible.


The BSE Data Science Master’s program enabled me to follow my dream and to transition from Economics to Computational Neurosciences. The program provides the perfect structure to acquire deep theoretical insights as well as fundamental skills required to execute a complete data-driven project. BSE's unique learning environment, selection of outstanding students as well as the world leading expertise of the faculty provide an unforgettable experience in one of the worlds most exciting cities. I recommend the program to anyone who is hard working and fascinated by pattern recognition as well as scalable automated solutions.