Zsuzsa Éva Holler

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Hungary
Currently living in Hungary

Before joining the program I worked in economic research for two years and as a business analyst for a year in Budapest. I have a master's degree in Economics from Central European University. Since I finished the program in Data Science I have been working for Morgan Stanley as a Quantitative Developer. I have been supporting the electronic trading business and working on improving algorithmic bond trading. I have recently accepted an offer to work as a data scientist for a company dealing with e-marketing.


The reason I applied to the Data Science program is because I wanted to make a career shift. I felt that with all the hype around data science I needed a structured way to gain real knowledge in the field. I believe that the program at the BSE was a perfect fit for me. Both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills I gained were exactly what I aimed for. We were challenged by the professors constantly and there was also a healthy amount of competition but the experience I gained made it completely worth the effort. A huge plus for me was that I got to do my internship at Telefonica Research which was an amazing place to learn about cutting-edge deep learning research. Also, I loved to live and be a student in Barcelona.