Pedro Freitas

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Brazil
Currently living in Brazil

I have a background in electrical engineering, and before the Master's I was a finance professional having worked at pension funds and asset management firms. I decided to do the Master's in Data Science to improve my statistical and quantitative skills to keep up with the evolution of the field. In the future, I plan to work at the intersection of finance and data science.


Having completed the Data Science program, I am convinced it provides the students with a strong data science foundation to succeed in any area of interest. It is an intensive program that covers a lot of material in just 10 months, with a good balance between theory and practical contents.

What I like the most about the program is that it trains the students on how to think about the problems and gives the statistical/mathematical tools to solve it. It is not some thoughtless data science course where you just reproduce code you find on the Internet. The program is also composed of elective courses from distinct fields, enabling the students to pursue the track that best suits their interests. The small cohort creates a collaborative environment and the mix between different profiles makes group projects a lot more interesting and valuables.