Karina Colombo

Originally from

Karina Colombo is a student in the BSE Master's Program in the Economics of Public Policy (Class of 2018). She has a Diploma in Economics from the Universidad de la República in Uruguay.

Before joining the BSE, she was working in the Department of Analysis and Social Studies - National Direction of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Uruguayan Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), where she is Department Coordinator and has performed tasks related to the design, monitoring and evaluation of targeted social programs, such as conditional cash transfers, proximal family follow-up programs and others; analysis of vulnerable population using surveys and administrative data with a territorial perspective; analysis of the distributive impact of social public expenditure; technical assesments in topics related to poverty, income, social policies and sampling.


"Studying at the BSE has been one of the most rewarding academic experiences I’ve had. It is a very intense master with top quality professors, encouraging you to give your best throughout the program. It has a unique combination between policy oriented theory and extremely applied work, specially in quantitative courses. It is definitely a worthwhile investment for students and young professionals passionate about economics and applied public policy."