Joshua Casson

Originally from
United Kingdom

Joshua Casson '17 has an undergraduate degree in Economics from University of London, New College of the Humanities.


If I'm to be completely honest with you, I think the Economics Program at the BSE is the best in Europe. I'm passionate about Economics, and I wanted to be challenged and pushed to something where I can learn more for myself and get a lot out of the course at the same time. The friends I've made already are friends for life. One of the things that's struck me the most is that they're so intelligent, so academically-founded and at the same time so international. To put it simply, I've loved it so far. I expect to be pushed a lot academically - that's why I'm here first and foremost, but at the same time I'm excited to explore local culture and the city with the sea and the mountains - and really just to have an enjoyable year while working hard.

I'm particularly interested in Microeconomics, so I want to pursue that further. But perhaps something different for me academically is to pursue the micro foundations of macro a bit more. I know that at BSE the macro standing of the professors is world-renowned, and I'm really interested in trying to work my love of micro into the foundations to build an interesting view of macro.