Michael Cameron

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from United Kingdom
Currently living in United Kingdom

Prior to the course I completed a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at Durham University, mainly focusing on pure Mathematics. I am now working as a Trading Analyst in London within the sports betting sector. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and I am still using skills from the program in my everyday work. 


Academically: The program is not easy! But it is incredibly rewarding. I arrived with little background in statistics, computing or economics but the fast paced and challenging nature of the course meant that I came out the other side having learnt a wide range of topics, in detail, which I had never covered before. Much of the work and projects during the course apply concepts to real data with real problems. This was excellent experience to have when starting my first role after finishing the program. I feel that the course not only gave me an understanding of fundamental statistics, but also how to put these theorems into practice to give meaningful and actionable results to problems.

Personally: I spent a year living in what became one of my favourite cities, where I made lasting friends, who are now spread around the world doing amazing work. I'm grateful to have had the chance to share the experience with them all. There was always such a team atmosphere within the class. Someone was always available to help you if you needed it.

Professionally: The program completely opened up a new area of employment that I hadn't previously even considered. I now feel confident and excited by the direction of my career path which started at Baracelona GSE. There is also an incredible careers service within BSE, who are always available to give useful advice and guidance.