Maia Brenner

Data Science Program Ambassador

Originally from Uruguay
Currently living in Uruguay

Before joining the master I had experience working as an Economist in consultancy and the public sector. I was good at getting insights from data but I lacked programming skills. Before joining the master I had self-taught myself Excel, Stata, Tableau and a very little bit of R.


A year after finishing the Master's in Data Science at BSE, I can definitely say it was a turning point in my career. This 10-month program allowed me to expand my field of competencies in statistics and programming. Without a doubt, it was an intensive and demanding program but absolutely rewarding. I do not regret a single second of all the hard work given in class and on projects. The academic experience was even more rewarding by the fact of fostering extraordinary friendships with ambitious students from the most diverse backgrounds.

After the master, I was flooded with job offers and decided to work at Tryolabs, a leading consulting firm specialized in Machine learning and AI solutions. I hold a position as Data Scientist and spend most of my day programming in Python side by side with Software Engineers. My Economics and Data Science background allows me to wear several different hats when facing a new challenge. I am able to collaborate in end-to-end solutions providing solutions from the business understanding and problem definition to the final coding implementation and deployment.