Aimee Barciauskas

Data Engineer, Development Seed

Originally from
Seattle, WA
United States
Currently living in
Washington, DC
United States

Aimee Barciauskas (Master's in Data Science '16) is a data engineer at Development Seed in Washington, DC. She works with the Cumulus team to make NASA’s vast collection of Earth Observation data cloud-friendly and helps the machine learning team to improve understanding of and access to data. She has a BA in Economics from Boston College.


"When I decided to to do the master's it was an exploration itself. I knew I wanted to do more with data - but I wanted to explore what that meant. Did I want to be a data scientist? A statistician? A data journalist? And one thing I realized while I was at the Barcelona School of Economics was that I really did like engineering and I was pretty ok at it. So once I graduated, I was pretty sure engineering was still the right path for me."

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