Pau Agulló

Managing Director, Kernel Analytics


MSc, European University Institute

Pau Agulló has over 12 years of experience in analytics, applied to a wide range of industries (telecom, financial services, retail, utilities, distribution, media, among others) and areas (marketing, sales, supply chain, risk management and fraud detection).

He currently manages Kernel Analytics, a company specialized in advanced analytics applied to marketing and operations. Prior to this he created the Neometrics Barcelona office, where he was responsible for business development and project management. When Neometrics was acquired by Accenture, he became senior manager and was responsible for analytics in Products in Spain, including retail, travel and consumer goods. 

Pau has studied and worked in many different countries including the United States, France, Portugal and Spain. He holds a degree in Economics and an MSc in Economics, with a focus on econometrics.

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