Macroeconomics and Social Insurance

The BSE Summer Forum Workshop on Macroeconomics and Social Insurance will take place in Barcelona from June 18-19, 2024.

The workshop aims to bring together research that analyzes several aspects of insurance against individual risk from a macroeconomic perspective. These aspects cover forms of (1) mutual insurance either from formal institutions (e.g general tax/transfer system, the pension system, unemployment and health insurance) or informal contracts (e.g within family ) and (2) self-insurance (e.g. through savings or labor supply decisions).

Workshop organizers

Previous editions

Speakers appear in the order in which they presented during the workshop.

2023 Edition
2022 Edition
2021 Edition
2020 Edition

This edition took place in the framework of the BSE Research Webinars.

  • Felicia Ionescu (Federal Reserve Board)
    “Lending Standards and Consumption Insurance over the Business Cycle” (with K. Dempsey)
  • Dmytro Hryshko (University of Alberta)
    “Income Dynamics and the Role of Assets and Taxes and Transfers in Consumption Insurance” (with I. Manovskii)
  • Ayse Imrohoroglu (Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California)
  • Gideon Bornstein (Princeton University)
    “The Impact of Social Insurance on Household Debt” (with S. Indarte)
  • Kurt See (Bank of Canada)
    “How Should Unemployment Insurance Vary over the Business Cycle?” (with S. Birinci)
  • Abdoulaye Ndiaye (New York University)
    “Redistribution with Performance Pay” (with P. Doligalski and N. Werquin)
  • Axelle Ferriere (Paris School of Economics)
    “Tax Progressivity, Credits, and Transfers in the United States” (with P. Grübener, G. Navarro, and O. Vardishvili)
  • Kjetil Storesletten (University of Oslo)
    “Dissecting Idiosyncratic Earnings Risk”
  • Pedro Teles (Banco de Portugal, Catolica-Lisbon SBE)
    “Should Robots Be Taxed?” (with J. Guerreiro and S. Rebelo)
  • Adam Blandin (Virginia Commonwealth University)
    “Hours and Wages” (with A. Bick and R. Rogerson)